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Trish Sunderland

O: 5037509010

Hello and welcome!

I’m Trish, thanks for stopping by! I’ll make this quick, I
know you’re super busy.

Why pick me when you have thousands of agents to choose from?
Because no one cares quite like I do. Sure, people say they do, but I’ll show
you. I have 20 years experience working with clients of all types. My diverse sales
background not only serves me in negotiating, but in connecting with any and
everyone I meet along this journey – from buyers and sellers like you, to other
Agents. Which trust me, can make or break a lot of deals. My goal is always to
find a way for everyone to win. I love being part of a team for that same
reason. We all win together. More minds, perspectives and experiences help our
clients come out on top every time.

My pronouns are she/they. I love painting, polo’ing my
friends and keeping my mind and body moving and challenged. I have two large
dogs (my first babies): Zeus and Hagrid and I’m about to become a mom, to a
human baby. I’m excited to see how this approaching phase of life grows and
pushes me in new ways. I love camping, cookies and being cozy with my closest

I'm looking forward to being your consultant and guide whether
this is your first or fifteenth home purchase or sale! Chat soon.

Trish Sunderland
Office: 5037509010
Holdhusen Real Estate Group
919 NE 19th Ave
Portland OR 97220

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